Spawned from the minds of Brenton Harris and Mike Speakman is an inspirational/entertainment podcast, RADULTS.The podcast showcases people who have said “fuck that” to the idea that growing up and becoming an adult meant giving up on their dreams. Guests include musicians, authors, comic creators, tattooists, artists, screenwriters just to name a few. These guests maintain the passion of their youth, while surviving as an adult (some even have kids and houses, even a mortgage!).


Episode 19 of Radults finds Brenton and Mike joined by Australian punk and hardcore icon Graham Nixon of Resist Records. Resist is a retail store, record label, touring company, management and booking agency that specialises in hardcore and punk music. As the driving force of Resist, Graham has played an enormous part in the rise and rise of Australian hardcore and punk, facilitating the release of many of the genres biggest and most influential records, and a lot of cult hits as well. Through Resist Graham has worked with the likes of Australian scene luminaries Mindsnare, metalcore monoliths Parkway Drive, rising stars Polaris and pretty much everyone in-between, as well as been responsible for tours and releases by many of the worlds best punk rock acts. Graham is an absolute Radult and we had a blastbeat discussing the circle pit of life with him. 

Episode topics include: How Resist came to be, how the industry has changed in the last 20 years, the challenges of running a record label and a retail store, landmark moments in Resist's history, his favourite under-the-radar Resist releases, his own personal journey into hardcore punk, how he chooses who to work with, what continues to inspire him, what bands he is vibing  at the moment, tips for being a Radult and a Rad Break where he books potentially the best hypothetical hardcore show of all time. 

You can find Resist record @ 
Drop in to the retail store and say hi if you're ever in Sydney, make sure you take some extra cash because it is wall-to-wall must-have records in there! 

You can find Radults @Radults on Facebook and Instagram
@radultspodcast on Twitter. if you want to get in touch! 

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Episode 18 of Radults sees Brenton and Mike joined at Radults secret headquarters by Ben Rechter, vocalist/guitarist for Melbourne’ prog-rock powerhouses Circles.

Ben is a total Radult who not only crushes it on a global scale with Circles, but also works as a composer and producer, meaning he spends most of his waking hours completely immersed in music, giving him a unique and valuable perspective on both the creative and business aspects of the music industry.

An open and engaging conversationalist, Ben speaks in-depth about a number of topics including artistic evolution, the importance of surrounding your band with the right team, the financial realities of the music industry, the need to continue to educate and empower yourself to be able to do more so you can outsource less, navigating line-up changes, what it’s like to tour the world and support bands that you idolize, his tips for being a Radult and more. There’s also tangents aplenty, including a particularly lengthy one about the career arc of Daniel Johns and a Rad Break in which he cheat-codes his way into a spot in his own supergroup!

Give it a listen, then head to Spotify and spin some Circles, so he can get a few cents and you can find your new favourite band and get inspired to live life a little more Radult. 

@radults on Instagram @radults on Facebook @radultspodcast on Twitter

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