Spawned from the minds of Brenton Harris and Mike Speakman is an inspirational/entertainment podcast, RADULTS.The podcast showcases people who have said “fuck that” to the idea that growing up and becoming an adult meant giving up on their dreams. Guests include musicians, authors, comic creators, tattooists, artists, screenwriters just to name a few. These guests maintain the passion of their youth, while surviving as an adult (some even have kids and houses, even a mortgage!).


Episode 24 of Radults is an Australian Tattoo Expo Special featuring 12 absolute Radults all sharing their individual stories and experiences of life as a tattoo artist with Brenton as he hung out on the final day of the Australian Tattoo Expo in Melbourne.

Each of these Radults has made their dream of working in the tattoo industry a realty and they all provide invaluable insights and advice for those looking to pick up the tattoo gun themselves. Artists featured are: Sara Fabel, Troy Slack, Bec Embers, Kevin Plane, Matt Reid, Elric Gordon, TKO Tattoos, Jay (The Cheshires Grin) Karlla Mendes, Joe Metrix, Shell Valentine and Mr. Heggie.


[0:51] - Sara Fable @sarafabel

[13:00] – Troy Slack @troyslackink

[20:36] – Bec Embers @becemberstattoos

[26:47] – Kevin Plane @kevinplane_tattooer

[33:58] – Matt Reid @mattreidart

[38:38] – Elric Gordon @elricfch

[45:31] – TKO Tattoos @tkotattoos_

[50:29] – Jay (The Cheshires Grin) @the_cheshires_grin

[1:06:49] – Karlla Mendes @karllamendes_

[1:17:17] – Joe Metrix @joemetrix

[1:25:00] – Shell Valentine @shell_valentine_tattoo

[1:36:00] – Mr Heggie @mr_heggie

Shout out to the Australian Tattoo Expo for hosting us and to Emma from Witchin’ Wares for helping out after Mike was a late scratching due to an incident with some stairs.



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Episode 23! Join Mike and Brenton as they sit down with Jimmy Kyle! Jimmy is perhaps best known as a member of the band, Chasing Ghosts. When Jimmy isn't touring with Chasing Ghosts, he MC's nearly every tattoo event all over Australia! What a busy dude! In this episode, we talk about music (duh!), tattoos (double duh!!), racism, and where to find the best coffee in Melbourne. 

You can find Chasing Ghosts on Instagram here: @chasingghosts
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