Spawned from the minds of Brenton Harris and Mike Speakman is an inspirational/entertainment podcast, RADULTS.The podcast showcases people who have said “fuck that” to the idea that growing up and becoming an adult meant giving up on their dreams. Guests include musicians, authors, comic creators, tattooists, artists, screenwriters just to name a few. These guests maintain the passion of their youth, while surviving as an adult (some even have kids and houses, even a mortgage!).

May 20, 2019

Radults - Episode 15: Pat Shand

Episode 15 of Radults sees hosts Brenton and Mike jump chat with the one and only, Pat Shand. Pat Shand is a writer who has penned multitudes of issues of Charmed, Grimm Fairy Tales and Robyn Hood, as well as his own creator-owned content Destiny New York, Breathless and Snap Flash Hustle. Pat has put his name to a handful of Marvel novels. It doesn't stop at writing though, Pat is a hip-hop connoisseur and could school anyone on the subject - he even drops some bars for us to prove his cred! 

Episode topics include: Getting started as a writer, balancing 'for hire'  work with creator owned work demands, his many creator owned comics, crowd-sourcing, working alongside his wife, the inspiration behind his different comic books, his love of hip-hop, his advice for young writers, tips for being a Radult and an absolute all-timer of a Rad Break featuring some truly next level predictive analysis of hip-hop beefs! 

It's one of our favourite episodes of Radults ever, so tune in, then go get one of EVERYTHING the man has written, he's a little bit brilliant. 

Find Pat Shand and therefore ALL of his amazing work @PatShand 

Radults on Instagram/Facebook: @radults | Radults on Twitter: @radultspodcast


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