Spawned from the minds of Brenton Harris and Mike Speakman is an inspirational/entertainment podcast, RADULTS.The podcast showcases people who have said “fuck that” to the idea that growing up and becoming an adult meant giving up on their dreams. Guests include musicians, authors, comic creators, tattooists, artists, screenwriters just to name a few. These guests maintain the passion of their youth, while surviving as an adult (some even have kids and houses, even a mortgage!).

June 10, 2019

Radults - Episode 16: Terry “Beez” Bezer

Episode 16 of the Radults podcast sees Brenton and Mike joined by music journalist and host of the UK’s most popular heavy music podcast, That’s Not Metal, Terry “Beez” Bezer!

One of Rock and Metal's most respected, multimedia journalists,  Beez work prior to launching That’s Not Metal includes stints with Kerrang! Magazine, Metal Hammer Magazine, Scuzz TV and The Pulse Radio show among countless others and he has a wealth of knowledge to share about what the reality of being a music journalist is in 2019 and what it takes to make your name within that landscape.

He goes in depth on a number of topics and experiences that will be invaluable for anyone looking to break into music journalism or media in general. Beez is an enthusiastic and energetic conversationalist who speaks at a speed-metal pace so we have an absolute blast-beat of a time in his company as we fire through a dizzying array of topics and go on some wild tangents (Roads? Where we’re going we need Randy Rhoads).

Episode topics include: Getting started as a music journalist, working for Kerrang and Metal Hammer, his time as a TV host with Scuzz TV, the changing face of the industry, navigating the ‘death of print’,  branching out into podcasting with That’s Not Metal and what lead to that decision, managing the wants and demands of editors/labels/publicists, the importance of establishing and protecting your voice as a writer, what it’s like to rub shoulders with your musical idols for your job and an absolute rager of a Rad Break that may or may not feature the prospect of a Devils Den match between Josh Homme and Tim Armstrong! (TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY and MAKE IT HAPPEN!) and a bonus round where we make him CHOOSE HIS FAVOURITE GALLAGHER BROTHER! (Oh the humanity!) 

THAT’S NOT METAL is an entirely independent weekly podcast that brings fans the very best from the world of heavy music, every single Friday. Combining hilarious, passionate, incomparable honesty with the widest breadth of rock knowledge, the show is unlike anything you’ll find in the current sphere of music media. We highly recommend you hit that subscribe button (after you've hit it on Radults!

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