Spawned from the minds of Brenton Harris and Mike Speakman is an inspirational/entertainment podcast, RADULTS.The podcast showcases people who have said “fuck that” to the idea that growing up and becoming an adult meant giving up on their dreams. Guests include musicians, authors, comic creators, tattooists, artists, screenwriters just to name a few. These guests maintain the passion of their youth, while surviving as an adult (some even have kids and houses, even a mortgage!).


Radults are back with one of our most inspiring episodes yet as we're joined by Sunny Singh.

Known to most by the name hate5six, Sunny is a former computer scientist turned digital archivist who makes past and present show footage and social movement amplification accessible on a free global platform.  Sunny started filming hardcore shows while he was in high school as a way to document and contribute to the scene he loved.  Since launching hate5six in 2008 he has dedicated himself tirelessly to grow the site and by extension the online presence of the hardcore genre.

Having filmed, edited and uploaded thousands of shows, amassed millions of views and fostered a unique and passionate online community, Sunny is now considered the foremost videographer of the modern hardcore scene. He is also a bit of a tech genius, having created the database hate5six uses, as well as developed an advanced editing algorithm. An entirely self-made success story, Sunny has been able to work full-time on the hate5six project since 2018,  continuing to push the limits of what the site is capable of, while lending his talents and influence to emerging bands and social movements, further amplifying the ethos and the message that he believes in.

Sunny is an absolute Radult who brings a rare and positive energy to the world. So throw on your best mosh shorts, put your hood up over your head and get ready to stage-dive off of your couch or desk with hate5six. 

Episode topics include: How he got into hardcore, why he started filming shows, how the idea for hate5six came about, establishing and growing the site, conquering YouTube, crowdfunding, his motivations, his work with social movements, his camera set-up, what a show day is like, that Harms Way meme, where he sees hate5six going next and of course, his tips for being a Radult. 
@hate5six  on Twitter 
@hate5six on Instagram 

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Radults are back with another pandemic era dose of inspiration as Brenton and Mike are joined by film critic, commentator, programmer and award-winning documentarian Jarret Gahan.  

Jarret is currently working as the programmer, marketer, content producer, website manager and Q & A host for Australia's premier genre film festival, Monster Fest.  Specialising in the latest and greatest horror, sci-fi, thriller and action films from all around the globe, Monster Fest is in its ninth year in Melbourne and its fourth year in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth.  Jarret is also a podcast correspondent for Good Movie Monday and is a filmmaker with 20 years of experience.  His award-winning documentary feature GONE LESBO GONE: THE UNTOLD TALE OF AN UNSEEN FILM has played festivals the world over and focuses on Andrew Leavold’s cult film LESBO-A-GO-GO, the film on which he also served as cinematographer.

Aside from features, Jarret has worked in various capacities from director to cinematographer to editor to commentator on numerous promotional and supplemental featurettes for such labels as Monster Pictures, Umbrella Entertainment, Madman Entertainment, Vestron Video Collectors Series, Kino Lorber, Bounty Films, Platinum Cult Edition, Severin Films, Second Sight Films, Wild Eye Releasing and 88 Films. He’s currently in pre-production on the third series of the wildly popular web-series VIDEO HOARDERS

Not surprisingly, Jarret has a LOT to say about the film industry and spends the episode taking us on a detailed journey through his career, providing some awesome insight and timeless advice for those looking to break into the industry themselves. He also uses his RadBreak to create a film franchise that we absolutely want to see get made!  

You can find Monster Fest

For information on Monster Fest 2020 - Welcome to The Apocalypse
head over to

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Radults are back with another pandemic era dose of inspiration as Brenton and Mike are joined by one of the 50 most influential people in the Australian music industry, Sarah Hamilton! 


Sarah is the regional manager for Australia and New Zealand at Ditto Music, which is a music and label services company that works with over 250 000 artists and labels worldwide, with offices in 25 countries. Sarah has been working in digital distribution in Australia since 2008, with a short stint in New York City. She loves working with independent artists and seeing them gain access to the same opportunities as artists signed to major labels. 


Sarah loves watching the industry change and grow, and helping artists navigate the changing digital space. She has eclectic music taste and loves hip hop, soul and pop, with some alt-country thrown in.  Sarah also co-founded a charity called One of One with Joanna Cameron, a website that highlights women and non-binary people in the music industry and hosts annual events for International Women's Day, now in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.  

Episode topics include: what exactly Ditto Music does and how her role plays into that, how Sarah got her start in digital distribution, the do's and don't of music promotion for bands, the importance of playlisting in the modern music industry, what Sarah looks for personally in the bands that she works with, navigating life as a creative in the pandemic era, the inspiration for starting One of One, the haunting realisation that we're elder millennials and of course her tips for being a Radult. We also ask her to book her own private 'Sarah Hamilton Island' festival, (which turns out to be a big moment for Brenton), and even find the time to let rip on some TikTok, it's a super fun happy time powered by PMA and a genuine love of music. 

So stay home, stay inside, turn it up and get inspired to music geek out with Radults.

You can find Ditto Music at:


You can find one of one at:


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Radults return with another COVID-19 era dose of inspiration in the form of a fun (and pun) filled chat with heavy music publicist and certified Radult Janine Morcos. 

The director and founder of boutique publicity firm, Dallas Does PR, Janine has spent the past sixteen years of her life working with some of the heavy and alternative music scenes biggest names, establishing a reputation as one of the most accomplished and respected publicists Australia has to offer. Janine is also the proud parent to the adorable doggo Dallas, who may or may not be able to do PR. 

Having worked in roles at heavyweights Roadrunner Records, Cooking Vinyl, Warner Music, Soundwave and more before branching out on her own with the very successful Dallas Does PR, Janine brings a wealth of experience and insight to her work which when combined with a legendary work ethic and an enviable contact list, ensures brilliant results for her clients.  

Through the years that list of clients has included Blink 182, Bring Me The Horizon, Billy Bragg, Deftones, Ghost, Judas Priest, Trivium, Parkway Drive, Polaris, Northlane, Paramore, BABYMETAL, Nickelback, The Amity Affliction and many more! 

Episode topics include: what exactly a music publicist does, getting started in music publicity, her career trajectory and highlights, favourite artists to work with, the differences between working in heavy music vs working in other genres, what she has learned from her career and of course, whether or not Dallas the adorable doggo, can do PR. We also force Janine to play favourites in the first of two RadBreaks, and ask her for her tips for being a Radult.  Brenton also subjects both Janine and Mike to a painful amount of heavy music puns. 

Find Janine @ Dallas Does PR

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Just when you thought it was safe to put down Animal Crossing and go outside, Radults drops drop their geekiest episode ever, as Brenton and Mike are joined in conversation by Tim Biggs. Tim has been researching and writing about video games for more than 10 years. His master's thesis was on the place of games in social theory and his articles have appeared on the likes of IGN and Kotaku. He's currently the Technology Editor at The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, where he writes weekly reviews and has travelled the world chasing gaming scoops, as well as covering more serious tech and other issues. Tim also happens to be an old uni mate of Brenton's (they met in Philosophy class) and as a result has been on the receiving end of a LOT of stupid tech questions via messenger, so you can add 'patience of a saint' to his list of unlocked achievements. 

This conversation took place during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, a time when millions of people are inside, playing video games as a means of survival,  making it the ideal time for a thoughtful and at times inspiring deep dive into the ever evolving world of video games. 

Episode topics include: How Tim got started as a games journalist, when he first fell in love with games, the philosophy of gaming as it relates to social connectivity, the current and future role of gaming in childhood development and education, the evolution of video games, his love of retro gaming, the role games are playing in human lives during the current pandemic and much much more. The boys also find out which next generation console Tim thinks will be the likely winner, force him to choose between some of his favourites in a very geeky Radbreak and as is custom, get Tim's Tips for being a Radult! So stay home, stay inside, turn it up and get inspired to geek out with Radults.

You can find Tim's writing here
You can find Tim on Twitter here

You can find Radults @Radults on Facebook and Instagram
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Episode 26 of Radults finds Brenton and Mike in conversation with Matt Saincome, founder of the popular satirical news sites The Hard Times and Hard Drive and co-founder of revolutionary freelance payment system OutVoice.  

A former punk rock musician and music journalist, who turned taking a good natured dig at the scene he loved into an ever growing satirical media empire, Matt is a total Radult with a wealth of insight into how to make your dreams a reality.  As massive fans of The Hard Times and Hard Drive, Matt is also partly responsible for making both Brenton and Mike laugh their assess off,  pretty much every day, so it's perhaps no surprise to learn that he manages to conjure more than a few giggles from the guys during this episode.  

Episode topics include: Matt's history in the punk rock scene, the origins of The Hard Times, the evolution of the Hard Times, the addition of Hard Drive,  finding appropriate advertisers, the difference between direct and programmatic advertising, merchandise,  memorable reactions to Hard Times stories including what happens when someone doesn't get the joke, what the future holds for the Hard Times, what inspired him to create OutVoice and of course, we put his scene cred to the test with a Rad break. 
This episode is essentially one long "Tip for being a Radult".

So stay home, stay inside, turn it up and get inspired to make your own creative dreams a reality. 

You can find The Hard Times at
You can find Hard Drive at
You can find OutVoice at:

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Radults returns for our first episode of 2020 with a very special guest in the form of Stephanie Ashworth, bassist for Australian alt-rock icons Something for Kate! 🤩

Stephanie has spent the last 22 years of her life, writing, recording and touring with Something for Kate, making vital and instantly recognisable contributions to some of the finest alt-rock songs in Australian music history. 

Having made her recorded debut on Something for Kate's  'monster' breakthrough album Beautiful Sharks, it's fair to say that Stephanie's life has been a pretty wild ride ever since! With over 700'000 records sold, 14 entries in Triple J’s Hottest 100, 11 ARIA Award nominations, multiple Rolling Stone Awards, Live Music Awards, countless sold-out national and international tours, and the priceless experience of performing alongside some of rock music biggest idols and icons, this Radult has truly lived the rock 'n' roll dream! Heck, she even turned down a personal invitation from Courtney Love to join grunge icons Hole

Somehow amidst all of this success, Stephanie and her husband/bandmate, Paul Dempsey have found the time to be adoring parents to two children, all the while maintaining musical and other artistic passions, both inside and outside the realms of Something for Kate. 

Following the release of Something For Kate's fantastic new single "Situation Room", Stephanie was kind enough to spend an hour with Brenton and Mike, for an inspiring and career-spanning conversation, providing unfiltered insight into the life and creative workings of one of Australia's most loved bands, and giving priceless advice for aspiring creatives. 

Episode topics include: when her love for music originated, how the decision to play bass came about, the early stages of her career with Sandpit, how the opportunity to join Something for Kate came about, what the experience of being in a band that was blowing up on a national and international level was like, the creative process of Something for Kate, the importance of maintaining passions outside of music, the creative and personal dynamics between Stephanie and Paul as a couple, the changing face of the industry throughout Something for Kate's career, the impact COVID-19 is having on the music industry, finding the right balance as a rockstar parent and of course, Stephanie's tips for being a Radult! 

So stay home, stay inside, turn it up and get inspired to make your own creative dreams a reality. 

You can find Something for Kate here.

You can watch the video for "Situation Room" via YouTube and stream/download via all digital services here.

You can find Radults @Radults on Facebook and Instagram
@radultspodcast on Twitter.

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Episode 24 of Radults is an Australian Tattoo Expo Special featuring 12 absolute Radults all sharing their individual stories and experiences of life as a tattoo artist with Brenton as he hung out on the final day of the Australian Tattoo Expo in Melbourne.

Each of these Radults has made their dream of working in the tattoo industry a realty and they all provide invaluable insights and advice for those looking to pick up the tattoo gun themselves. Artists featured are: Sara Fabel, Troy Slack, Bec Embers, Kevin Plane, Matt Reid, Elric Gordon, TKO Tattoos, Jay (The Cheshires Grin) Karlla Mendes, Joe Metrix, Shell Valentine and Mr. Heggie.


[0:51] - Sara Fable @sarafabel

[13:00] – Troy Slack @troyslackink

[20:36] – Bec Embers @becemberstattoos

[26:47] – Kevin Plane @kevinplane_tattooer

[33:58] – Matt Reid @mattreidart

[38:38] – Elric Gordon @elricfch

[45:31] – TKO Tattoos @tkotattoos_

[50:29] – Jay (The Cheshires Grin) @the_cheshires_grin

[1:06:49] – Karlla Mendes @karllamendes_

[1:17:17] – Joe Metrix @joemetrix

[1:25:00] – Shell Valentine @shell_valentine_tattoo

[1:36:00] – Mr Heggie @mr_heggie

Shout out to the Australian Tattoo Expo for hosting us and to Emma from Witchin’ Wares for helping out after Mike was a late scratching due to an incident with some stairs.



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Episode 23! Join Mike and Brenton as they sit down with Jimmy Kyle! Jimmy is perhaps best known as a member of the band, Chasing Ghosts. When Jimmy isn't touring with Chasing Ghosts, he MC's nearly every tattoo event all over Australia! What a busy dude! In this episode, we talk about music (duh!), tattoos (double duh!!), racism, and where to find the best coffee in Melbourne. 

You can find Chasing Ghosts on Instagram here: @chasingghosts
You can find Chasing Ghosts on Facebook here: @chasingghostsmusic

You can find Radults on Facebook & Instagram here: @radults
Twitter here: @radultspodcast

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Join Radults host Brenton as he has a jolly old chinwag with Rou Reynolds, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist of Enter Shikari, ahead of their upcoming appearance on Good Things.

One of the most innovative and dedicated acts to emerge from the heavy music genres in the UK, over the last two decades, Enter Shikari have grown from high school kids in St Albans (UK) with an improbable dream, to genuine arena rockers.

Having released five full-length records, each markedly different each other, Enter Shikari are a band that truly do things on their own terms, playing what they want and saying what they want without compromise. Anyone who has attended one of the 2000 plus live shows they have played will be able to testify that the creative vision of Enter Shikari doesn't stop in the studio, it extends to the stage and beyond into other artistic realms, creating an immersive multi-sensory experience. 

The career path of Enter Shikari is a perfect example of what can happen when you refuse to believe that growing up means giving up on your dreams and instead turn those dreams into your reality. 

Episode topics include: artistic evolution, innovation, the bands approach to songwriting, the bands willingness to be openly political, life on the road, how they continuously reinvent their stage show, Rou's recent book Dear Future Historians, Good Things Festival and of course, Rou's very own tips for being a Radult. 

Note: This episode comes to you as a Radults Bite. A short form version of the Radults podcast that is published outside of our usual schedule to take the edge off your hunger for more! If you're not feeling satisfied and you haven't already,
check out all of the full length episodes NOW! 

You can find Radults @Radults on Facebook and Instagram
@radultspodcast on Twitter.

 Enter Shikari return to Australia this December for the Good Things Festival
Tickets, dates full line-up and all other details can be found at 

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