Spawned from the minds of Brenton Harris and Mike Speakman is an inspirational/entertainment podcast, RADULTS.The podcast showcases people who have said “fuck that” to the idea that growing up and becoming an adult meant giving up on their dreams. Guests include musicians, authors, comic creators, tattooists, artists, screenwriters just to name a few. These guests maintain the passion of their youth, while surviving as an adult (some even have kids and houses, even a mortgage!).

May 18, 2020

Radults - Episode 26: Matt Saincome

Episode 26 of Radults finds Brenton and Mike in conversation with Matt Saincome, founder of the popular satirical news sites The Hard Times and Hard Drive and co-founder of revolutionary freelance payment system OutVoice.  

A former punk rock musician and music journalist, who turned taking a good natured dig at the scene he loved into an ever growing satirical media empire, Matt is a total Radult with a wealth of insight into how to make your dreams a reality.  As massive fans of The Hard Times and Hard Drive, Matt is also partly responsible for making both Brenton and Mike laugh their assess off,  pretty much every day, so it's perhaps no surprise to learn that he manages to conjure more than a few giggles from the guys during this episode.  

Episode topics include: Matt's history in the punk rock scene, the origins of The Hard Times, the evolution of the Hard Times, the addition of Hard Drive,  finding appropriate advertisers, the difference between direct and programmatic advertising, merchandise,  memorable reactions to Hard Times stories including what happens when someone doesn't get the joke, what the future holds for the Hard Times, what inspired him to create OutVoice and of course, we put his scene cred to the test with a Rad break. 
This episode is essentially one long "Tip for being a Radult".

So stay home, stay inside, turn it up and get inspired to make your own creative dreams a reality. 

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You can find Hard Drive at
You can find OutVoice at:

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